The Hello Football Index is a set of price discovery algorithms designed to measure the value of a football player in real time.

Information is filtered based on the specifications mentioned above as well as on other triggers, including the number of times the information has appeared, its validity, and much more. All of this information is then weighed against each other to determine the importance of each factor in relation to the next one, and how this effectively affects the player’s market valuation.

Football clubs who wish to scout for a specific type of player with particular abilities can use data to narrow their search down to a shortlist of potential candidates; and even go as deep as using data to help make the decision between two final candidates, thus considerably lowering the risk in player acquisition. We often hear football managers talk about using their “gut instinct” when dealing with a transfer dilemma, but even the most experienced coach needs data in order to refine his decision making. Consequently, scouts and agents can also use data to identify and promote talent, respectively.

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